[Anime] #TV_Free in Australia... and Extras

Free! Ep 11 Endcard

Ruben and I have been working on catching up on Free! lately, but I must confess we've been more interested in watching KyoAni's other productions of late. We have yet to watch the most recent episode, but I caught sight of this screencap posted up on Facebook of the endcard to Episode 11 of Free! (We are one away from the last one!).

It's pretty amusing whenever Australia actually gets noticed in any sort of media, but to have an anime character depicted in Australia, and in Sydney itself? Whoo, hey that's new! Miyukiko immediately jumped onto this and delivered a great cosplay today. Image is from her Twitter, it's also on her Tumblr though.

Free! Ep 11 Endcard Cosplay by Miyukiko/Fiona Chan

I don't know why I'm so amused by the Australian thing....

As an aside, I found a Free! short yesterday they call FrFr! ... or something similar to that, and it shows moments in between episodes. It's pretty funny. Don't forget to check it out~