[Anime] #TV_Free Episode 5 and 6


You're probably all tired of this stuff I'm posting about Free! so let's try to make it short and sweet. Episodes 05 and 06 together we'll call a double-episode since episode 05 left us with the first true cliffhanger in this series. Yes, two for the price of one, folks - that is to say totally Free!~ Ahem. I was actually dying to know more about what would happen next. To shed some light on this apparently significant reaction, my usual state towards the next episode of any anime is apathy. This was really quite suspenseful, however.

The music took a great return this week and certainly is more noticeable when you're wearing headphones... I suppose that's why most people I see are wearing them or have them looped around their necks. I'd always been fond of crappy speakers though - when that's the best you have, embrace it! /cries forever. I suppose I know how these guys from Free! feel then, making do with their revised training regime.

Sweater over uniforms

I do have a bone to pick with one sound from this episode though... How are they wearing sweaters when I can hear crickets chirping like it's the middle of summer? Is it even summer? One nice thing from this change though is that with the coming of summer though, the colours of the anime has really brightened and become quite a lot more vibrant.

So in this double episode, we visit fears, old and deep friendships, the past, double standards between females and males in terms of camping, different locations for water, the crazy divides of jungle and sterile buildings, strangely sized tents and all other manner of things in between such as the impossibility of a mackeral and pineapple mix, not to mention on pizza on all things. Others have already revealed this fact to you, so there's no need to hide it (though I think it's more smoked/grilled/canned than steamed). Then again, there was also the curry....


These islands look like they're from Pokemon, by the way. (See the first movie with Mewtwo...)

Deserted Islands

Rei forgot he wasn't wearing his glasses at some point. What's that word I'm constantly looking for that describes how people adjust their glasses on their face... anyway, I'm sure it will come back to me someday.

Rei's glasses adjusting motion

There is a cute moment of the two siblings. I felt like it seems significant somehow that Rin always wears such dark clothes compared to Iwatobi's bright blue and white. He has such a menacing presence, especially with those sharp teeth - like a shark, I suppose? Yet at the same time, he truly cares for his friends (deep deep down) and his little sister, and it's obvious Gou adores him. ^_^

It's astonishing sometimes, when you consider it, how much thought has gone into characterising and moulding the story to give us these small references that really make or break the story.

Sibling love

And only Nagisa could remain so upbeat in the face of their situation. The double episode took on a very Hyouka feel with the sense of mystery... reminds me of another series with an island mystery, actually.

Cute Nagisa

Of note though, there was some brilliant visuals in this. There was no slip at all and I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of this series still.

Rest houseSeascape

A lot of people rely on Haruka, truly, in order for them to continue going on. For someone who rarely bothers to interact with anything other than water, he is amazingly charismatic. Or perhaps that's why he is charismatic in the first place!

Two endcards this time around. One cute and the other... whoa. You were quite pale before, Haruka!

Free 05 Endcard Free 06 Endcard