[Anime] #TV_Free Episode 4

You wa shock!

Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspitation.

Hi again and yes, we're back so soon! Yeah, we are. I hope you guys realise I spend over an hour on these blogposts. Rewatching an episode to screencap it takes 45 minutes and then writing and cropping and resizing screenshots adds who knows how much time to that. It's kinda... tiring.

Moving on... In this episode of Free!, teacher Makoto teaches how to swim! Well, that's not entirely true, they all become teachers at one point, though in the end it was entirely fruitless... because there was no fruit in it! But I'm getting ahead of myself because the fruit only comes in later in the series. Yes.


Thanks to the addition of Rei, there are plenty of silly and crazy moments in this, despite the fact Haruka is up to his old tricks - not that he does this consciously, of course. For someone who looked so stern at the start, he sure has turned out to be an unexpected and unintentional (on his part) comedian.

Rei appears to use the same motion whether he is wearing glasses or goggles. Even though the motion is entirely redundant, I suppose I can't fault muscle memory. Not to mention it's quite distinctive. He can't be Rei anymore without that motion!

My glasses are my life

There is also a change of uniform in this episode, which is strange because I can't recall what the other uniform was already. It's just the fact that suddenly this uniform is completely unfamiliar somehow - I suppose this makes sense though, as they slowly move into the swimming season and Haru no longer needs to catch colds while swimming... Oh right, they were just someone talking about him.

I'm curious about why they wear different coloured ties, but it's probably something I just missed at the start. (Wait, how old are Nagisa and Rei...) My bad!

Free! Uniform change

Not sure Haruka draws as well as I thought he did though.


Nice shading.

And we have some transformation sequences from the terrible two. These two are a riot, though the others aren't really that far behind in this episode. Gou included.


My first thought from this hilarious episode of Free! however reminds me what great music this series has, although it also reminds me greatly of the music in visual novels, interestingly enough. It's varied, yet somehow just repetitive enough so that just like the background music in visual novels the song appears to loop, yet somehow just sticks with you completely.

What's wonderful though, is that this music is very organic and light, despite the fact that it almost seems just a little 'flat' by the virtue of the tune sounding similar the whole way through.

Finally, the new endcard is an adorable peak into everyday life, outside of the rush and bother of those rough swimming tournaments and swimming training.

Free! 04 Endcard