[Anime] #TV_Free Episode 3

Shocked Gou

It's been a while, huh? Ruben recently got the chance to talk about Gatchaman Crowds but I haven't yet and I don't know if I shall. In any case, let's get back to Free! 03! (Whoa, there are too many exclamation marks there.) I watched this a while back with Ruben, and we did actually watch it late, but at least we're more or less up to date even if not posting about it (oh you, uni).

Nagisa seems to be a throwback to Tamako in this with all the silly little things he does. Sure, you would expect say, Chitanda to also be doing these things - I suppose you could say it's a KyoAni thing really, but what's probably more interesting is that it's a guy this time around. This anime is full of guys after all. Seems like Nagisa and Rei somehow take a role as the 'girlier' members. Almost.

Silly Nagisa FacesSilly Nagisa Faces Silly Nagisa FacesSilly Nagisa Faces

Yep, Rei. That guy with the blue hair that apparently shares their similar trait of having a feminine name. He gets introduced in this episode, but we all knew he would be coming around sooner or later. (Thank you marketing and social media.)

Why do I say Rei? Well, the numbers of times he blushes... In any case, he seems to be just as happy in making these kinds of funny reactions while Haruka is unshaken and Makoto tries to be the mediator. I'm not sure what role Gou takes exactly. Pretty much a bystander, sometimes. She's not really part of this semi-feuding.

Silly Rei FacesSilly Rei Faces

It was great to meet Rei. For one thing, he gave me a new appreciation for the way glasses are pushed up... Something I'd forgotten, I admit. Who in what anime wore glasses again...? And does that mean I have a glasses fetish? At any rate, case in point:

Mr GlassesMr Glasses

Take a look at Ruben imitating~

In other news. Haruka draws well, as demonstrated when he tried to draw this flier in his attempt to recruit another member into their swim team so that they have more leverage in trying to gain fundin-- I've said too much.

Is that Makoto?

Is that Makoto? I bet that would have fueled some wild speculation... Speaking of wild speculation, I wonder what they would make of Rei's line: "You better take responsibility..."

On an unrelated note, I love the colours in their flashbacks:

Flashback with Gou

That's all from me so see you next time... which will be really soon, since I haven't yet written anything for episodes 4, 5, 6 and so on either;;

This endcard grammar is getting a little ridiculous though! Then again, is endcard even a word...

Free 03 Endcard