[Anime] The real Tamako Market

Masugata Shopping Street

A while back @InvertMouse crossposted some lovely photos from their Japanese friend of the real life Masugata Shopping Street in Japan which is featured as Usagiyama Shopping Street in Tamako Market. Check out the poster of Tamako Market in the shopping street Tamako Market is based on!

To me it looks a bit like the shopping streets/markets I've seen in Running Man in Korea, though nothing like the street markets which I've seen in both Sydney and Hong Kong. Maybe I haven't been to the right places. ;) I'd love to get a taste of the real deal though. Maybe someday!

Need a closer look? Check out some screencaps which I compiled from the opening and parts of Episode 2. Maybe the entry in Otaku Pilgrimages is more conclusive though. ^^

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