Anime in Marketing

Can of strawberry 'soda' with unknown anime character

Why is it that a can of strawberry-flavoured soft drink that I wasn't particularly interested in automatically becomes a desirable item simply because it has an anime character featured on it? I have not even the faintest idea who this character is (in part because I can't read Korean very well), yet I liked the art style and how her design complimented the colour of the can enough to purchase the drink.

What a deal at only $1.20 from the DC Mart Korean grocery store in Hornsby. /Clearly not advertising new favourite soft drink can.

What a marketing strategy. I like to think that I don't succumb to common forms of marketing like the colour red making people more hungry, but this sure suckerpunched me somehow. With one blow, they found my number two and three weaknesses — anime and art. I'm surprised that not more, if any, Japanese or even Korean drinks with anime-styled characters make their way to Australia where Australian otaku would snatch them up by the crateful. Admittedly, Australia does get into things late though.

All the same, I would snatch these cans up in a heartbeat.