[Anime] Shinkai Shoujo Miku Figure

Shinkai Shoujo figure, coloured prototype

Seen her before? Look familiar? She should be!

Shinkai Shoujo doesn't seem to be anything like Bottle Miku (which I would definitely love to see more of by the way, especially in merchandise), but she is beautiful and has her own charm - especially to those who are not familiar and not usually fans of Vocaloid.

Shinkai Shoujo is being released by Good Smile Company.

深海少女 artwork

Ruben posted this on his Tumblr back a few months ago which is a slightly cropped version of the original because he keeps up with things a lot better than I do. I don't know where he finds the time and I probably never will!

Well, in any case, I'm late to the game again by almost more a fortnight, but wonder and joy - this lovely version of Miku as a fig is finally a coloured prototype! If she wasn't lovely enough as a grey initial prototype, she is definitely more beautiful coloured, even if the colours are not really what I expected (especially for her base).

Shinkai Shoujo figure, coloured prototype

Of course that means the colours might be slightly different for the final product - I hear many are worried about the shading on the hair fading from existence on the final product. And given Good Smile Company's current track record, many are also concerned about the drop in quality in the final product. Nonetheless I think the overall effect is very lovely indeed.

Some, of course, would rather have painted her themselves - Ah, Garage Kit makers. But their comments about a sand-like base really struck with me - that certainly would have added a breath of life to it. The colours are indeed a bit too dark and dead - though the turquoise shine of the coral makes up for it somewhat.

Some even expressed wishes of putting her in their fishtank. Rather expensive piece of fishtank decoration, but it's probably more use there than on my desk anyway, since I don't have a shelf for such things. Of course there is the concern over how the PVC will do in water - surprisingly more concern for the fish than the figure though!

She's on my wishlist, by the way! /wink wink

Her projected price is hoped to be that of around Madoka's price.