Anime reaction

Reaction sketches

A little while back I got a hankering for some drawing while watching things. I’m currently pondering this exercise, but sketching out your reaction while watching anime is an interesting to do - the paper becomes the medium of your missing friends, or even substitutes Twitter, as we once did where we Tweeted out our frustrations, joy or other feeling while watching an episode.

You may notice if you look closely at the photographs, (other than by broken Japanese) there are lots of curses ‘BAKA’ in my comments. This was as a result of the same irritating issues that popped up again and again in the series. While there’s a lot I would point to from this series on relationships, self-worth and much more; at the same time there’s a lot I wouldn’t take from this series!

Nonetheless, the art was nice (although I had a hard time replicating it) and it was an interesting and definitely amusing journey. Perhaps I’ll continue these reaction drawings to episodes watched, though I shall aim higher next time in terms of both quality and presentation.

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