[Anime] There's a problem with your PSYCHO-PASS #pp_anime

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Love it or hate it, PSYCHO-PASS is one of those series that fans love to love and love to hate. Although I may have been a fan of Amano Akira's works in the past, other than the character designs, I see no reason for me to like this series. It's fair enough that old REBORN! fans love to relive old times by being able to experience a similar style of animation again, but her designs do not make the work, and the animation isn't that great anyway. But your mileage may vary for anything.

The series annoyed me from the start, so I haven't progressed with watching the series, but it was interesting to hear about this kind of news yesterday posted on Twitter. That thread in particular was linked by my friend Keo. Apart from several comments which amused me greatly, there's not a whole lot of opinion I would inject into this series.

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However as the latest issue here is animation quality, let's have a small chat about that. It's not like I'm well versed in the industry - I've never worked for it nor explored it in detail - however one of the main reasons I wasn't that into the series in the first place was that the animation was not on the level of REBORN! in its Hey Day in the first place (even though it tried hard to be) not to mention the characters didn't exactly endear me to them. If you were looking for a way to snatch back REBORN!, I'd recommend finding another outlet, personally.

It's funny to note that this episode mentioned has been compared to the legendary 'Episode 5' of the Katekyou Hitman REBORN! anime, given how disproportionate the people and settings were and how badly it was all put together that you wonder how it ever made it to air like that. I'm under no illusions that I would ever be able to create a product even a hundreth as good as these animators on their bad day, but Cindy raised a good point once that they are professionals. They should be expected to create quality works, and they are not creating them. I am not a professional on the other hand, so there is no real comparison to be made here.

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You could say that I should have given PSYCHO-PASS more of a chance, that I should have stuck around because the plot gets awesome. Although I may be willing to sit through to the 20th episode of REBORN! just to get to the 'good part', at least at the start of the anime, there were comedic moments that drew people in, that made them stay even if there are small potholes in the way of progress before they finally found their feet. PSYCHO-PASS has no draw for me, and the sheen of having Amano Akira as its character designer makes no difference if it is neither her series nor her animation, and the studio unashamedly provides supbar quality to its viewers.

Amano Akira has lost her gloss for me - it would seem the prime of her work passed a while ago and she was clutching at straws to keep REBORN! going before it was cancelled. I would be interested to see what she comes up with in the aftermath of REBORN!, however PSYCHO-PASS is not be the series to do that with.

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