[Anime] Hyperdimension Neptunia

Purple Heart

Who would have thought that by glancing at the posts aggregated while adding tacyip+anime's blog to a RSS reader would lead to this? Yesterday, Ruben and I came across images from Hyperdimension Neptunia quite by chance, yet somehow we liked the designs and art style a lot! Then we recalled seeing something similar on our friend's blog - well blow me sideways!

Shame to hear that it has a poor story, yet nonetheless I'm intrigued. From just looking at the images I can see that each character seems to have a normal form and a special form. Ruben eloquently describes this as like Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon I know he's kidding, but still. Purple Heart is our favourite, though it's interesting noting the differences in their appearance (and sizes..)... I am quite partial to Noire though, those pigtails are to die for. ;)

It seems there'll be an anime for this game this year though, so we hopped on the bandwagon just in time?