[Anime] Asuna Titania ver.

Asuna figure, Titania ver. by Griffon Enterprise

Ruben very recently posted about this new figure of Asuna that is coming out soon from Griffon Enterprises that we both saw together while perusing MyFigureCollection on the train after a long day at uni. I beg to differ on his view of the club opinion though - while largely the club seemed to scorn it, it was one of those series you either loved or hated. Or loved at first and then hated later.

Of course, I haven't finished it, so what I can say. But the fanbase is still huge, there is all sorts of art out there if the art in the series itself wasn't spectacular enough already. That's one saving grace of the show. But that's not what I wanted to post about.

I probably wouldn't have considered buying a Asuna figure if Griffon Enterprises hadn't come out with their own figures, one in her normal attire here and the one pictured above, the Titania ver, here. I've heard a lot of negative comments about both, that her face looks terrible, her hair is incorrect (either the sculpting or the colouring), that her fingers don't even look well formed. My experience with Griffon Enterprise figures has been good so far though (with ToHeart2 characters), so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt in this respect.

AcidBeast: Even for Griffon standards: Awful proportions, butt-ugly face, lazy hair sculpt, oh, and are those supposed to be fingers? 0/10

But in the end, you get a figure for your own purposes. Don't make your decisions based on what someone else says about the figure. If you like it, go ahead and buy it. You don't have to agree. I may not necessarily be a fan of Sword Art Online, but this figure is still beautiful enough for me to want to obtain it someday.