[Anime] Akemi Homura by Gift

Akemi Homura figure by Gift

The Akemi Homura 1/8 scale figure by Gift was released not two weeks ago and many are beginning to receive their figures in the mail. Exciting times! You can see her with Good Smile Company's version of Homura above. Ruben has the You Are Not Alone version of that. ;) Which I have to say I like more, but I digress!

I bought my pre-order off someone who had no choice but to sell their pre-order to someone else since they were strapped for cash, so that was somewhat interesting dealing with Amiami with them as a proxy of sorts. Of course now I'm strapped for cash myself, so this is probably really the last figure for a while, I only got registered SAL shipping since it's cheaper than EMS, ahem!

Anyway, it's interesting how the first thing some people will do is this!

Akemi Homura figure by Gift

Apparently this figure doesn't have shimapan though, so apparently the one on the right is some kind of customisation on the PVC posted on Futaba. Such a shame, and such an incentive to do the customisation also, though I think shimapan over stocking is slightly weird... not if she were wearing thighhighs though!

I really love how complex she looks in this figure even if I still have some concerns over her face. Her face here is completely different from the series which is okay with me, but since I like mature-looking figures, she immediately attracted me. Probably as much as I'm drooling over Alter's version of Princess of the Crystal. Well anyway, can't wait to receive her, but still have to get past all these assignments first!