Fun with File Transfer

I've had to find a slightly more convenient way of getting data off my phone lately and since we couldn't connect to the wifi the first night I was here (subsequently wasn't able to use Kies air for wireless file transfer), I was looking for ways I could use MTP USB connection options on my phone. I visited the site my phone pointed me at ( and downloaded the .dmg to use on my MacBook.

What did I expect of such a program? To have a Macbook but use an Android phone doesn't seem to be an unusual case, but would seem like a bizarre thing to do seeing as you're losing out on the syncing functionality to all Apple devices – then again, this is only important so long as you have multiple Apple devices, or not all of the things you require have web interfaces. For example, if I were to use Omnifocus on my Macbook, it would be entirely useless to me when I'm not with my Macbook as I can't use it on my phone. But that's not the point.

Welcome to Android file transfer

The program was pretty bad, as I had expected. Laughable, in fact. But the important thing is that it works. You have to highlight the images you want and drag and drop them to the location you want to put them into though as there are no such options in the menu. Given file transfer is what it is for, it seems odd they don't show you that you have the option to copy over files. It also does a poor job of 'imitating' OS X's interface.

I highly doubt this program will be updated any time soon, but in the meantime, it meets my minimum level of requirements as long as the workaround works.

Copying files over