An Epicly Animated Film

Epic film characters

One of the few things I'd really wanted to do these holidays was to go watch a movie with Ruben. Although I did get the chance to watch Star Trek with him and his family, I'll admit that I also wanted to watch something together with just him. Thankfully, Ruben readily agreed (don't ask me why he wouldn't, but still!).

Ruben and I initially wanted to watch the HK comedy thriller 'Blind Detective', but it wasn't available at the local cinema and therefore today we settled down to watch 'Epic', from the creators of 'Ice Age' and 'Rio', which was... rather good. So to speak. I wasn't really interested in watching Monsters University, although I know at least Vadim and Seb have watched it, and Vadim even blogged about it. To me, it still feels too much like they're just capitalising on the success of the previous movie, but that's not to say it's not a good movie.

Moving on... so Epic was definitely a kids' movie. It was rated PG and the theatre itself was mostly full of young kids with their mothers, groups of kids (school excursion?), and perhaps the odd grandmother with her grandchild - it's hard to tell in the dark. It's nice to watch with kids sometimes, because they say the funniest things though it's interesting that it's sometimes the adults that will more readily believe something that even a kid finds 'illogical'. Perhaps just because we have been schooled to think this way after years of exposure.

Epic film epic wallpaper

You don't actually want a summary of what the movie was about, do you? I don't like reiterating what you could otherwise read elsewhere... and besides, I feel like its better that you get the story from actually watching the movie itself. It's pretty obvious from watching any trailer out there though that this story is about little people.

No, not midgets. Think something along the lines of Thumbelina, but arm them up in green armour and call them Leafmen (the armour is probably made from leaves too). It's one of those stories that would probably remind me of some Ghibli movies, where they are fighting to save the forest.

And what a lovely forest it is too.

One of the highlights of this movie, definitely, is the amount of detail which is put into everything. As Ruben puts its - 'SO many backgrounds!'. Every frame is picturesque and colourful, except for when the 'decay' sets in, of course. But that just makes the difference between the blooming and healthy worlds and the sick and rotting worlds that much more stark. Tony Stark. Wait, wrong movie...

To be honest, the movie kind of reminds me a bit about 'Brave' in terms of scenery and the music and the detail in the animation. It sure is admirable the time and the effort put into creating these worlds in intimate detail. The note at the end of the film mentioned the million hours put into working on the animation. And while we're on this note, what's with the trend of one word titles nowadays anyway?


So while there were a heap of plotholes and certainly some eyebrow raising moments when you shake your head and just can't quite suspend your disbelief, it was an enjoyable film overall with quite a few funny moments (unless I was just laughing inappropriately), suspense as well as empowerment. The main character may have been left behind because she is not really equipped to fight, but that doesn't mean she won't fight all the same and attempt to swing the odds in their favour. All I could say is that there certainly was a lot of running to and fro, but I could probably say that for Brave as well - both movies seemed to go by too quickly, almost. The storytelling was great all the same.

Hope that was helpful for somebody out there. I think I'll definitely give this movie another watch when it comes out, to screencap all the beautiful frames if for nothing else. It was a very enjoyable movie if a little silly in some parts. I'm not sure it warrants the name 'Epic', but for that kind of animation I'm certainly more than happy to let that slide~

Top image from Star News Online. (Better review here too.)