Always profitable

“It was a total of $US60,000 at the age of 24. Not a great place to be when you’re starting a business, or not a great place to be any way,” she says.

“That being said, Showpo turned over $US10 million last year, we’ve been bootstrapped the entire way and we’ve always been profitable.”

How to smell bullshit (which I’m not smelling above, by the way). If someone tells you their company has ‘always been profitable’ but apparently can’t afford to pay a decent wage/salary or hire enough people for the job, have shitastic working culture and are relying on the next round of venture capital; then don’t bullshit me by saying your company has ‘always been profitable’. You’d be doing better. Look up.

As I always say, if even I can see this, then you know you’re doing badly. If I’m wrong, then it’s your job to inform me otherwise (but why should you, you’re thinking).