All for the sake of nails

Kozy for Seb's Bday Party

Of all the things to write about on Christmas Eve, I chose to write about nails. But of course, it's that time of the year — among some presents for female friends are bound to be a few bottles of nail polish and I'm no different. Like most girls, I do like having nice nails and can perhaps be just a little vain about them. I admire nail colour and nail art, as well as any other aspect — even just neat cuticles or good natural colour or great nail shape — however I cannot bring myself to colour or do anything with my nails.

I keep my nails natural. In ancient times, those who had to keep their nails short for work were the working classes. Perhaps it was even less of a matter of keeping, than their nails breaking constantly as they worked. On the other hand, those who had the opportunity to keep long nails, to wear rings and other decorations were known as the well off, as the wealthy classes. Those who would gain husbands of high standing (unless they were sitting), and live good lives forevermore.

For some reason, however, I don't value this. Those who have the opportunity to colour their nails and grow them long seem entitled, like they don't have to work much since it seems so impractical. However, to say that people with well manicured nails are lazy and sit on their behinds all day doing nothing would be a gross misrepresentation and stereotyping, because there are so many different types of work available now. Those that are constantly busy may not even have time to keep their nails short because they do not have time to cut them — this doesn't make them less hardworking.

All the same, I prefer to be practical. Long nails are not conducive to washing up dishes, or drying up, moving furniture or other heavy objects and are also uncomfortable when typing, as well as allowing the nail to snap more easily. Why are females so willing to put up with these (what I see as) discomforts for the sake of beauty?