After a short absence....

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Oops, poor blog.

It's too easy to skip posting once you decide skipping one or two nights is ok, then the number keeps escalating once you get into the mindset of 'one more won't matter too much'. Before you know it, it's much too late to go back without it staying on your conscience.

Or at least, that's what I think sometimes. It's probably why I've abandoned sites in the past. The longer I stay away, the harder it is to return in the end. That's why I've had my phases: Powerpets, Gaiaonline, Livejournal, Formspring and Deviantart, Tumblr, and the latest is Twitter.

But the longer you delay on replying, or the more you miss out, the harder it is to then go back because the enormity of the stuff in which you have to catch up on, or the guilt that you have delayed so long gets to you.

Or at least it does to me.

Part of the reason I'm on Twitter 24/7 is probably related to that. The more that passes me by, the less motivated I feel to go back because I am determined not to miss anything. Part of that may be past paranoia, who knows, but it is usually why I will immediately respond to any replies that I get, if I can and I always double or triple check to ensure I haven't missed anything.

Either it's my pedanticism or something else, but one always has to remember there has to be some sacrifices. The question, in the end, is what are you sacrificing, and is it worth it?