After a longer absence... Tinted...Toned Tuesday? #no

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Okay, I am no good with names, but I'm trying out what I'm trying to do for Anime@UTS here.

I was going to post something entirely different earlier (something more meaningful, perhaps), but searching up Ghibli somehow led me around into Rurouni Kenshin and I got stuck there with another 30 more tabs than I had before.

In any case, today's post shall therefore be about Rurouni Kenshin. Although there were a lot of notable images I found, loved, shared with @Sebasu_tan/Seb  and probably would have posted, I have to admit I always like pictures of Kenshin with his hair down - whether metaphorically or literally. :)


The image is by d56 as part of a collection of images, which you can see here.

Art doesn't need to be complex to be beautiful and I think this piece is already very nice despite the inherent simplicity - it appears more as a 'sketch'. Even so, they grey suits the feel of the image, a tranquil feel. The kanji: 池面, also reflects this, essentially saying 'the surface of a pond', although this can have many interpretations.

I really like how the hair is drawn, and how it falls naturally. Although the image is only a waist-up image, this feels natural and not forced (probably because this person has skill XD).