Advertisements on the move

How to advertise on Skype

I’m a passionate believer that Skype is breaking down the barriers of communications, both technologically and globally, bringing relationships back to basics. In the UK it’s even helping to bring people together people over a cup of tea as we saw in our collaboration with PG Tips.[...] On Skype, your friends are the ones you actually talk too[sic], and not those you’ve only spoken to once before. You have friends that you trust, value the opinion of, get recommendations from and want to share experiences with. So there you go, you’ve heard it from my daughter first, engagement on the move is more important than any number of static friends on a social network.

Great! Advertisements in Skype as well is just what I always needed. I like to be digitally connected so that marketers can keep marketing to me wherever I am. That's why I watch TV and listen to the radio all the time! That's why I use Google and their services! I adore visual clutter after all. To be fair, I've never seen any advertisements in Skype (on Mac) so far, but they look horrendous.

I wouldn't disagree that Skype is breaking down the barriers of communications, just not that it's the only service or network doing it. I have just as many people on Skype that I don't talk to that I do on Facebook or Twitter or otherwise. When I was abroad, Twitter kept me in touch with the people that mattered most because it doesn't take much bandwidth to keep Twitter updating - I can't say the same for Skype.

It's strange coming from someone who haunts the internet, but real life engagement is better than any social network relationship that is overall just too easy to lose or break off. Did that make sense? Shouldn't be surprised reading this from the Microsoft Advertising blog anyway.