Adblocking on iPhone, with iOS9

Ad blocking will be available in iOS9! For some it’s the news they’ve been waiting for, but for me working in adserving now it’s just another hurdle we’ll have to deal with and more loss of revenue here and there. Actually, I didn’t realise we were losing that much revenue.

Some 200 million people used ad blockers last year, up 40 per cent from a year earlier, resulting in $US22 billion ($30b) in lost advertising revenue, according to a study by Adobe and PageFair, an anti ad-blocking tech company.

I feel like in the past I would be thinking of the Google Giant, rolling around in their ad revenue, but it’s a different story for us smaller ad servers. I’m not exactly lining my pockets with money here.

Apparently this move aims to “undermin[e] archi rival Google Inc”, according to the SMH, but hey mate - Google is also our (fr)enemy here. We have to work with DoubleClick, but it doesn’t mean that we like them… or that we don’t secretly mock them. Shh.

They’re right about the ad prices though.. cost per impression in Australia is already lower than in other countries like the US and UK, which again means more revenue out the door.

Of course everyone talks about performance:

Ad-blocking tools should help web pages load much faster on mobiles, as they strip out so-called scripts and trackers that are used to serve up the ads. Some early pilots have shown media outlets like Vice and the New York Times loading twice as fast.

Surfing the web with fewer ads will also mean people will consume fewer megabytes of their mobile data plans.

And while we really want media agencies to pay for larger file sizes because rich media ads make us more money per impression, we’re constantly telling clients to stay beneath the 80KB filesize limit the IAB is considering making a standard. We’re actively trying to reduce the drain to your mobile plan by optimising everything that we can… you just don’t know it.

Well, I guess there’ll be a discussion about strategy happening in the next few weeks. This will be interesting if nothing else, I suppose!