Adblocking on iOS Continued

It seems more adblocker apps are appearing on the Apple Store now, here’s a snippet about an app called ‘Been Choice’.

Been Choice, which was launched in the US this month, claims to be "the most powerful and comprehensive blocker for your entire iPhone".

As well as blocking ads on the Safari internet browser, it can prevent sponsored posts on feeds, block ads in apps such as Facebook and Apple News, and prevent third-party trackers.

The free app also has an ‘earn’ mode, which incentivises users to earn points and potentially make $20 a month by agreeing to be shown ads and allow Been Choice to collect information about how they use their smartphone.

A joy to hear for some people, I’m sure, given the prevalence of adblocking on desktop computers these days. It’s curious that this particular app offers an ‘earn’ mode though - I’d be interested in figuring out how that’s supposed to work. But of course, there’s the catch, Been Choice wants to collect information on how you use your smartphone - and then what? What will be done with that data?

I’m thinking companies like these like to play at being friends to both you and at larger corporations that feel threatened, but that’s just an ignorant thought.

Little did I expect to see Marco Arment pop up in this article though, as the founder of Peace which was pulled after 36 hours on the App Store. He makes a curious point that most people don’t make I guess, which is that it treats ads indiscriminately even though this kind of decision isn’t so clean cut.. it doesn’t feel good to make this ethical decision of who gets to be hurt. You can read his post too.

This below description was also most interesting though, especially after my boss saying that people using adblockers can’t really be a concern because we never actually impression them.

The popularity of ad blocking software was the subject of lively debate at last week's Dmexco conference in Germany, where one software maker described the media industry and ad blockers as being "at war".

Although he seemed blasé and emphasised ‘we can’t really do anything’, the reality is that.. we’re ‘at war’ and also constantly fighting to save the business. But companies will, on most occasions, still take a gamble and advertise on the chance that people will see it. Ahh, online advertising in particular is a hard industry these days.