About me

My name is Clara Tse, both of which can be mispronounced quite easily. Otherwise known as Kiri on and around the internet and sometimes even in real life, I live in Sydney, Australia, and have a case of wanderlust that has yet to be fulfilled.

I currently work at Flashtalking, an adserving company. 60% of the time, it works every time.* I also freelance in evenings and on the weekends for any design or eLearning development work.

Previously I worked at ITC Learning, an eLearning company and Lectora reseller in Australia. Additionally, I worked as a volunteer with SMASH Inc since 2010, but am currently looking to break out as an artist in the Artists Market. I've got a mixed bag of experience and have worked in project administration, social analytics, illustration and social media co-ordination. Hit me up for any creative work whatsoever! (The advertising sense, or the lay person's sense of the term.)

I am a twice graduate of UTS, studying Information Technology and Interactive Multimedia, plus various electives in different spaces. Anime@UTS and its sister clubs are a sometimes haunt. In the evenings I spend my time with my VM baker partner, Ruben, though I'd rather a pretzel.

This blog attempts CC BY 4.0. Just link back if there's something you want to take, specifically naming me is not necessary.

* This is not a guarantee.


  • Twitter: @hanezawakirika
  • Email:
  • Threema: KJ3XBMEE


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