AbiWord port for Intel Macs

Is Nagato looking at herself on a laptop screen...

Usually, I'm not as conscientious as Ruben in keeping old copies of programs, however yesterday I noticed that I had an old copy of AbiWord saved. Upon attempting to install it though, I realised it had been written for Macs using PowerPC processors even though we'd moved to Intel for a while now! (Don't ask me about history..)

A short search on the internet brought me to this post where a user named Pu7o had ported it over for Intel Macs in 2006.

In fact, I didn't have to change a single line of code, but AbiWord's build system is so badly built that it was almost impossible to get everything right.

Now, I'm not someone who is very familiar with the Terminal at the best of times, but I do admire people who can use it well. In any case, yesterday I found the Unarchiver wasn't able to extract the .gz file which the port of AbiWord was archived in, so I consulted the internet on whether it was possible to do through the terminal. Doing a search and reading up about gzip here led me to use this command:

gzip -d abiword-2.4.4-intelmac.dmg.gz

Which appeared to work fine, thought I know there are other commands you can use (eg. gunzip). So I mounted the image and tried it out. I don't remember what AbiWord is like on a Mac and it's only version 2.4.4, but hopefully this is useful for someone. :'D Looking on their fileserver though, it appears they have no interest in developing for Mac anyway, but their latest version can apparently be run non-natively though X11.app... This seems the easiest way to get it though, short of building from source...