A Swift change of book cover

The Swift Programming Language

I noticed that the cover of a book detailing the latest and greatest thing, Apple’s new development language Swift, changed their cover recently. Of course I noticed, how hard is it not to notice when there’s an ‘update’ button next to the book?

I have to say I like the old cover more, it feels like it is giving me a peek into the language, and that it is. It’s clean and Apple-esque. In my opinion, which doesn’t count for much.

The new cover suggests that Apple have designed what I can only assume (because I haven’t done any research, okay) is the new logo for the Swift language, just like how all the other languages have their logo of choice. At which point in the post I would usually proceed to list some other languages which have lovely logos and perhaps post some images as well, but I couldn’t be bothered (instead you get this sentence).

In Apple style, this logo too is flat and utilitarian, but I just don’t find myself a fan of it. Perhaps there is greater meaning behind it, or perhaps I simply just don’t like the angle of it. Or perhaps it just reminds me of this.

Go figure.

Have to read more than the introduction of that book soon. Someone remind me to.