A Sloe (of) Deterioration

Writing with a pen

I've never really had much to do with job interviews before apart from being interviewed for roles I ultimately did not get. Suddenly being thrown into actually being the one recruiting is a whole new cup of tea, but there are some instances one immediately sees someone they would be hard-pressed to take into the fold.

Where is this going?

I was reading some applications which didn't make the cut again tonight and noticed someone had mentioned that they use 'social media alot' (or something to that effect), which prompted me to return to Hyperbole and A Half and where this creature, the 'alot' originated.

But that's not the point.

As I slowly began to read through Allie's entries again, I looked at her style. I looked at how she told the story. And I wondered just when my own writing ability became like this?

I'm no master storyteller, but those who knew me in my Livejournal days would often compliment my storytelling ability. That's not to say my everyday posts were anything special, but when it came to writing a work of fiction, this was easily done. Strangely enough my stress levels of my first internship boosted my creativity and I produced the most of my fanfiction in that period, with a great amount of ambition as to how much I furthered that writing ability.

But since sinking back into university and dealing with the brunt of work from both university, club duties and whatever else, this creativity has slowly been fizzling away, as well as my passion to the point where I don't feel like writing or drawing. Part of the reason as I can see here is my slow dropout from the Katekyo Hitman Reborn fandom which used to be the main source of my inspiration. It seems to me that in some ways I need a fandom in order to be inspired. At one point in my life, that was Twilight and in another point of my life, it was Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Obsession with these series was what spurs me to write better as well as an active fanbase.

Yuni from Reborn looking sad I feel you, Yuni.

My fast decline in reading is also most likely a factor, which used to be the main method of keeping up my vocabulary. By not reading, I've been slowly forgetting the words I would use in the past and substituting them instead for simpler words. Often I've looked for a word that I know exists to explain what I'm thinking, but I can't find it. I find myself Googling definitions of words I knew.

How can I change this? I find myself thinking that I don't know, but this post can't end this way. My main issue with myself and this blog is that nothing ever seems to come to a conclusion. Nothing is finished. Posts don't seem structured because they don't go anywhere. They're just here or there. Opinion post? What opinion post? My opinion is not asserted as strongly as it used to be, now I care what people think and I'm careful of what I say to be sure to be inclusive of all sides - but that's for another time.

What's the solution? Write more and write often, I suppose. Write things which are different. Experiment.

To blog or not to blog?

I worry a lot about post length with a blog like this, because all the posts are presented full-length, without cuts. This makes it hard for someone to read things at a glance, so often I opt for shorter posts over long. But perhaps having a long post once in a while is still acceptable, unless I implement a new theme (which I should be doing anyway). Nonetheless, I'll be subscribing to Ruben's love of having at least one picture in a post.

No one likes a wall of text.

Writing image from Carleton University website. Yuni image from Konachan. Katekyo! Hitman Reborn is by Amano Akira. Shakespeare image from Noahpinion.