A pair of mangoes

Mangoes still on the branch and in the bowl!

In Petersham today with an associate for a photoshoot, I spotted a mango tree in our host’s garden, along with a lemon tree and other fruit bearing trees I wasn’t entirely sure were edible. When I had first arrived, I’d been offered croissants, snail danishes, orange juice and mangoes, but I hadn’t realised the mangoes were from their own garden.

Admiring the fruit aloud, I found my hosts offering me some to take with me. I attempted to refuse, but my hosts were similarly as persistent as they were friendly and handed me a branch with two green mangos attached, telling me I could leave them on to ripen.

I sampled one of their mangoes inside, where they pointed out there was a difference between these and store bought ones. The most noticeable difference to me was the sweet quality of the fruit, as well as how firm the flesh of it was. Store bought ones are perhaps sometimes overripe and mushy, or sour when not. These were simply a pleasure to eat — although similarly difficult with a fork.

I have a fascination with growing things, as I see myself bad with plants. I forget to water them or change the water of cut flowers, and I’m not sure what to feed them or have no money to purchase the fertiliser they are said to need either. Thus I have a great deal of admiration for people who grow their own fruits or vegetables. The soil in our garden additionally is quite shallow, with a shelf of sandstone underneath, which hasn’t allowed fruit to grow very easily.

I presented Ruben with these mangoes, but as they sat serenely in his fruit bowl, the next thing we knew they had toppled to the ground and snapped clean off the branch. They were largely unharmed, but hopefully they’ll still ripen nicely. ;)