A nice pair of shoes


This is a response to: Rubénerd: Ruben talks shoes. Photograph by Seb, on Flickr.

In years past, I haven’t enjoyed clothes shopping. When my mother dragged me into clothing shops, it was a chore and I wandered around and through the racks of clothing; disinterested, pretending I was looking for her sake, before we left again often empty-handed. When it came to bookstores or electronics sections however, I would be excited, wandering through the shelves with enthusiasm. Clothes shopping was simply too troublesome.

Lately however, I’ve found myself to be enjoying it, and I think some of the reason is that I have not only finally settled on the look I want and have a good idea of the clothes that I want to get, but I also am now more comfortable with how I look.

In the past I wouldn’t buy clothes because I knew ‘I won’t look good in this in a million years’, whereas now I am more willing to take the clothes into the fitting room and try them on before deciding. Although it’s only a small step in gaining confidence, I attribute this to the positive reinforcement of Ruben, who has managed to get me wanting to expand my wardrobe these past couple of months.

Recently I’ve been thinking, perhaps I hated to go clothes shopping because although I really wanted to purchase a nice pair of boots, my mother would be dismissive and tell me that no one wore boots in summer and that it looked silly. Perhaps a newly found sense of freedom now that I finally have income also lets me feel this experience of clothes (and shoe) shopping to be an enjoyment rather than a chore.

For stores like Uniqlo, which Ruben mentioned in an aside, it would seem to me that part of the appeal for him is that often the clothing contained there are clothes he feels comfortable wearing and suits his tastes. I would say this is similar for CONNOR, one of Ruben’s recent favourites for business wear.

If anyone’s looking for one though, I’d happy to be a fashion consultant and fill a certain someone’s wardrobe for them (with nerdy and Star Trek related shirts, hah!). I do have one question though — why are the shoes the wrong way around?