A Folk Tale

The Seekers

I'd always said to anyone who asked I like all kinds of genres of music, because to be honest I'd never really had any idea what kind of music I really liked though there weren't any genres that immediately stood out that I didn't particularly like - other than dance music that gave me a headache on Saturday nights. I just knew that I really liked strings, harmonica and a manner of unusual instruments.

Well, it randomly occurred to me today that maybe my favourite music after all is folk. Ruben even purchased me a CD a while back, 'Greensleeves, Folk songs of the English Countryside' after I had listened to and enjoyed one of the CDs which his father had been playing in the car.

This makes sense also when I think back. Some of my dad's favourite artists were The Seekers and Peter, Paul and Mary, and they're also artists that I haven't forgotten. I may not know many artists or many songs, but they have still stuck with me. With this in mind though, I guess it could be strange that for some reason whenever my dad listened to Simon and Garfunkel, I wasn't nearly as interested even though they are technically 'folk rock'. Who knows though? Maybe it needed to be played off a cassette in the car.

I think this song, Georgy Girl, used to be one of my favourites as I would sing along in the car. I think I mostly liked whistling along though, since I was great at that - and still am! It's even more fun than whistling along to the Castle theme song...

The above video was dubbed over, you can hear the original audio at this link.

I suppose one thing to note is that even if Ruben feels that he has old taste, mine appears to be equally old. Either way though, I still market myself as liking all genres. I hate having to get into the debate of what is better. But perhaps I could start thinking now, just slightly, that perhaps I have some preference for folk music over others.

Image from Craig Hodgkins.