A fancy for huskies


I don't know about huskies crossed with pitbulls or beagles, but huskies crossed with golden retrievers not only mix the best of both worlds, but also produce a beautiful creature. That's not the only cross to do so though, it seems crossed with Pomerians (producing Pomskys/Pomskies) they do too, while also keeping their size small!

I only realised their existence while popping into Facebook for a brief period for reasons and saw a friend post about them on another friend's wall, saying they were "everywhere at the moment".

While I'm not usually a fan of trends, and I would hate to see celebrities simply getting Pomskies just because they are the latest 'fad', I can definitely see what the fuss is all about. When I say 'latest' though, I probably mean the latest for early 2013 which probably means I missed that ship already... or it could have been just last month. I don't keep up with these things.

Although there are several types of dogs that I do like, for some reason I just keep coming back to huskies and mixes of them. They're just... so fluffy!

So Fluffy from Despicable Me

Image found at Pomsky Puppies.