A Certain Rice Cooker

Rice cooker on Love Undercover

Same as with chicken bowls (if anyone ever manages to find a picture of one, please let me know!), seeing crockery or electronics my family owns is somewhat exciting. We only have one chicken bowl (the paint has mostly come off it, unfortunately), but our rice cooker which looks like the one above is still going strong!

This screencap is from Love Undercover (新紮師妹), a Cantonese romantic comedy set in Hong Kong, and it was a treat to see a brand new version of our extremely old rice cooker. My grandparents have the same model/brand, however theirs is orange instead of green. I take the chance to appraise it each time I'm visiting.

I kind of live in the hope of obtaining one of these one day, because I just love it although a newer machine would probably work better/more efficiently/more quickly, but hey if it works it works~