A #BloodyOutrage-ous Punomenon

Axe the Tampon Tax... Yes, this again

There’s no womb in society for a tampon tax.

It’s fun to pun, but the tampon tax is no joke. It’s a bleeding disgrace. (Oops!)

These were the first few sentences greeting me one afternoon a few days ago as I checked my email, curiously spotting one to the subject of 'Tampons', but it was clearly not spam.

Pun and alliteration fun (Axe the Tampon Tax!) aside, I'd heard about this matter a little while back and although not in detail, it is baffling to hear that tax is actually being charged on items which women are forced to buy because of their biology. GST is not charged on other less essential items, yet when you consider what kind of alternatives women could use to cease their monthly flow, there isn't all that much unless you want to revisit ancient times past.

Brings a new meaning to 'being on the rag'.

The problem however, is that they do not classify as 'medical' items and thus don't qualify for the tax exemption. The petition and other sites are all calling out sexist, given how necessary this item is to the lives of women however, it's not optional. This first came up in 2000, was brought forward again in 2009, and now it's 2013 but this tax continues.

As their petition page says:

It’s a bloody outrage. Putting a tax on products women need as a direct consequence of their biology is fundamentally sexist. It’s a stain on our national image. Half the population of Australia -- approximately 10 million women -- will pay tax on these products for the greater part of their lifetime. Costing us about $1000 for buying an essential health product. The Tampon Tax is ridiculous. Period. Luckily, women of childbearing age - those of us who need tampons - will be key voters in the upcoming election. So they'll need to listen if they want to woo us for our votes! It’s a bleeding disgrace. As Australians, as voters, as women, we request that the Federal Government the Opposition end this inherently sexist and unfair unfair tax. This tax is really cramping my style. Tampons belong on the GST free health products list - they're not a luxury. They're a necessity.

If this article is true though, kudos to Coles for doing the right thing. It's a shame that our Government can't get with the times and follow suit.

Originally I'd wanted to post this because I liked the puns in it, but it doesn't hurt to give the movement an additional push especially when it also affects my own life.