A Blogging Game

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I’ve taken to listening to podcasts while I develop or design when I’m at work these days, and as I encountered a drought of recent downloaded podcasts today (since I’d listened to them all yesterday), I scrolled back today to some older episodes I’d downloaded but never got around to listening to.

Thus, I listened to Core Intuition for the first time today. Recommended by Ruben, I’d always given this show the miss simply because I thought there was already enough to be listening to. I hadn’t counted on the radio at work constantly blaring the same songs though — podcasts provide a nice reprieve from encroaching insanity.

The episode I listened to today was Episode 124: Flappy Bird On Steroids from all the way back in February, when Flappy Bird had recently been pulled from the app store. What was interesting, however, was when one of the podcasters (perhaps Daniel? I’m not familiar with their voices yet) mentioned a great game idea for iOS based on blogging.

The players of this game would have 30 seconds, later revised to a minute, to write up their post whereupon it would be automatically posted. They wouldn’t be able to post again for a period, but this held the potential of an in-app purchase in order to be able to post again in a lower time frame. This would solve the problem for so many bloggers who have draft problems. Read those posts and you’ll see what I/they mean.

Funnily for me of course, I don’t seem to have this problem with drafts. If anything, I don’t have enough to write about, people should give me their drafts so I can finish them for you. Mulling this game idea over in the evening however, this game strikes me as resembling Twitter to an extent, as I don’t think many people would be able to jot down too many ideas within a minute of time, although of course there are so many differences between Twitter micro-blogging and this speed blogging game. Perhaps this would be a game you can only begin after you’ve spent a while fleshing out all of your ideas.

I don’t doubt it certainly would push people’s posts out there more frequently, however, rather than being slurped up into their drafts pile. So, did anyone take the Core Intuition team up on their money-making idea?