3D anime

Something that only appeared recently, this trailer for what looks like a Doraemon movie features Doraemon like you've never seen him before. Out with the 2D drawings and in with the 3D modelling! How do you feel?

My parents were watching a Chinese report on this a few days back, and while I only half paid attention, it seemed Hong Kong-ers were rather freaked out by how large their eyes were. But surely it's no different from when they were 2D? But no, somehow making these characters now 3D makes them closer to us and while we're happy to see huge eyes on 2D characters, perhaps when it's 3D it's just a little bit freaky. The other aspect mentioned by Hong Kong-ers was that this simply didn't give them the same warm feelings they remembered from their childhood - maybe this was just a little too different.

While I personally would not be too worried about their eyes, I have to agree that this movie simply just does not work in the way old series usually do, by appealing to that nostalgic side of me that remembers those vague memories of a blue cat called 'Ding-Dong'... in Cantonese. Well, considering I only ever watched it in Cantonese, perhaps this also comes into the equation, but it almost feels like the characters no longer resemble themselves.

So should anime stay 2D and not enter the world of 3D? Sure, we've had 3D effects used in anime before, mainly in order to model mecha and other mechanical objects, but not for an entire series before! While you have these Hong Kong-ers not agreeing with it, on the other hand some seem to think this new Doraemon is very cute and some love the animation quality and think this will pull in a greater audience. I'll probably never watch this, given how little I remember, but we'll see how this turns out!

Web: Doraemon 3D Movie site.