3D Animated Peanuts (not edible)

I thought experiencing Peanuts as a 3D animation would be exceedingly strange — just as strange as it was to see Doraemon animated in 3D. Yet somehow, against the odds, Schulz’s children have managed just that — bringing this classic work to the modern age with the help of the technology of today, yet remaining true to its roots and classical image.

Despite making their father’s work into a 3D production, the pencil-like effects, the closeness of the animation to the original illustrations and simplicity overall of the work keeps very much of the original air and feel of the work, while bringing these characters back to life in a way they haven’t been before. So much of the elements of the strip comic have been retained even though this is an animated feature, which really sets it aside.

Peanuts has been animated in 2D before, and while I confess I don’t recall all that much, it will be interesting to see the differences and see what new narrative this film brings. The movie is set to release November 6th, 2015.

Source: Laughing Squid