Around 30 minutes to an hour

Cooking with spam with Kiri

Cookbooks these days are increasing tout the lines of ‘meals in less than 30 minutes’, or ‘15 minute quick meals’, but how true are they really? Are they factoring in the preparation time? What about the time spent shopping for the right items, or the time it took you to bring them home?

That’s why I choose not to tell you this meal will take you only 30 minutes to cook, but that it could take as long as it could depending on your skill level, whatever is in your cupboard, whether you have an irritating mother offering her advice on the ‘best way to cook’ and whathaveyou. But of course a book with a title like that wouldn’t sell, that’s why you’re reading it on my blog. ;)

Not that I’m a great cook or anything, but quick and tasty (in my opinion) meals are pretty cool, especially when you’re simply tossing in random ingredients and rolling them together, though most recipes for those these days can be a misnomer. My dad asked me which recipe book I’d stolen this dish from as I stood sampling, and I told him I’d made it up as I went along. He called me Nigella Lawson to my consternation… but on with the show~

Spam, broccoli, corn, onion, garlic and herbs cooked together


  • 13 x can of spam
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 x medium-sized brown onion
  • 4 x florets of broccoli, chopped up
  • 1 x can of corn kernels
  • Mixed herbs


  1. Toss in the garlic first, then scatter the onion around it since these will lend some of the flavour. Heap the spam on top and give it all a good stir as it starts sizzling, since the oil/grease from the spam will keep it from sticking/burning. (Appetising words, I know. Feel free to add some oil also though.)
  2. Drain half the water out of the corn and save the rest of the water. Toss in the corn as the other ingredients start to dry out to bring down the temperature a bit and add a little more moisture. Mix it all up.
  3. Drop in the chopped up broccoli and mix it through, allow everything to cook for 2-3 minutes with the lid on.
  4. Heap in a generous amount of herbs and stir it through once more, allowing the mixture to cook for 2-3 minutes with the lid on, then take off the stove and serve with rice.

We hardly ever use a pan in this house, hence it’s not really ‘stir fried’, but it still tastes quite nice with the sweet corn and the salty spam balancing each other out. Besides, everything tastes good with rice.