Alpaca with me at work

From The Independent, a government department is cutting down their working week to 30 hours (6 hours per day), while keeping its workers on full pay. This experiment is based on theory that after six hours, employees become too tired to work anyway. But there is stigma that fewer hours equates to laziness… plus it seems outrage that people are working ‘less’ while paid the same, despite the fact that the workload should be the same.

It’s an interesting concept, and I for one would be interested to put this to practice. Simply knowing that I can go off 30 minutes earlier than my usual leaving time can make a big difference to my mood, though I can imagine than only having six hours to complete the necessary work could be more stressful. Then again, time management could be improved.

Those in the comments mention few people actually work 6 hours anyway, so with fewer hours this means “less chatting, email reading” and less breaks - however what impact would this have on overall morale or in helping team building? Many in the comments also say they would rather work more hours over a shorter working week, then enjoy their longer weekend (10 hours a day over 4 days), but I know that I for one would be extremely tired and depressed after a 10 hour working day..

There doesn’t seem to be much middle ground with this working thing.