A 2Gbps Internet Service for Japan

Fibre optics

This week a Sony-backed ISP in Japan launched a 2Gbps Internet service, which could be the world’s fastest for home use. [...] On Monday, So-net Entertainment’s “Nuro” fiber-based service was made available to homes, apartments and small businesses in Tokyo and six-surrounding prefectures. The service, which used the Gigabit-capable Passive Optics Network (GPON), will support download speeds of 2.488 Gbps with 1Gbps uploads, and Nuro will reportedly cost $51 US per month

Their internet speeds are now faster than current technology can even handle (current adapters can handle 1Gbps), yet Japan are still pushing ahead, among world leaders in FTTH (Fibre to the Home) technology among countries such as UAE, Hong Kong and South Korea.

Meanwhile in Australia, if you're lucky enough to live in an area where the NBN has graced your doorstep, you have the pleasure of being blessed with 100Mpbs download.. though it seems to vary depending on where I look (likely artificially limited anyway). What a difference, huh? They promise future speeds of 1Gbps, but how far in the future is that? First I'd like to actually get it though.

Sources: ComputerWorld, RedOrbit. Image from freemycloud.