One of those days in the year that people celebrate

I was ready to call today probably one of the worst birthdays I've had but it only takes a few special people to make a bad day into a good one. Despite my birthday and the first day of Supanova Sydney being today, of all things I had a Routing and Internetworks exam today, probably the ones I was least looking forward to, considering what was at steak -- wait, stake. I don't eat steak. :'D

The exam itself wasn't fun and neither was the endless rain that started coming down around midday, but Ruben and his family really made it all quite special with their thoughtful and wonderful presents which Ruben presented to me in the morning. A few of them are in this post, hopefully I'll have some more pictures up soon. :)

As Ruben regales here, after the exam we had some lovely Ti Kuan Yin tea and mochi for a while with his father indoors before I had to return home for a family dinner to celebrate the occasion. In some ways I'm glad I invited my grandparents since they kind of add a buffer against my parents being too intense, but they present other challenges, as they and my parents bustled back and forth over some matter or another while I sat and watched passively.

Well, apparently in the Western world I've passed a milestone, but it hasn't hit me yet! Thank you to the Schade family for all their kindness and generosity and thank you to everyone for the well wishes! ^_^