2015 Year Archive

Day 54 of Anime
Always profitable
Day 51 of Anime
Day 48 of Anime
We should all just give up
Day 46 of Anime
Day 45 of Anime
Day 44 of Anime
Day 43 of Anime
Superannuation Lessons
Day 42 of Anime
Day 41 of Anime
Day 40 of Anime
Day 39 of Anime
Day 38 of Anime
Day 37 of Anime
Day 36 of Anime
Pontifications on Podcasting
Day 35 of Anime
Capsule Communicator
Peanutize Me
Day 34 of Anime
Meyer Life and Death
Adapting back to Earth g
Day 33 of Anime
Day 32 of Anime
Branding and logos
Day 31 of Anime
Power in the palm of the hand.. or on your wrist
Day 30 of Anime
Darker side to cabin crew
Be grateful, we're not as bad as Singapore
Day 29 of Anime
Singapore's got the world's smartest kids
Day 28 of Anime
The Martian and NASA
Day 27 of Anime
Javascript Styles
Day 26 of Anime
Three Finger Drag on El Capitan
Day 25 of Anime
Day 24 of Anime
Updating and stuff breaking
Returning to the (Bank)West
Day 23 of Anime
Adblocking on iOS Continued
Day 22 of Anime
Making Egg Slut
Day 21 of Anime
Day 20 of Anime
Trip back in time
Public vs Private
Day 19 of Anime
Day 18 of Anime
Shanghai Beach 上海灘
Day 17 of Anime
Second Graduation
Day 16 of Anime
diff and File Merge
Forging Tessaiga
Day 15 of Anime
Buddha's Delight
Day 14 of Anime
Some fun JS
Day 13 of Anime
Child of a Legend
Day 12 of Anime
A Natural Look
Day 11 of Anime
Right Here Waiting - Cantonese version
Day 10 of Anime
Fanon Pairing Qs
宮心計 Theme Song
Day 9 of Anime
Day 8 of Anime
Re: Student Societies
Darling Harbour Harbourside Cameo
Vocational Qualifications vs University Degree
Boruto The Movie
Uninstall AVG
Day 7 of Anime
Plot the Scottish Highlands
hugo and brew updates
piggate and student societies
Day 6 of Anime
Day 5 of Anime
God Wills It
Day 4 of Anime
Cosplay Inspiration
Day 3 of Anime
Whittling Part 0
Ambivert, Introvert, Extrovert
Day 2 of Anime
Day 1 of Anime
Changing ages
You're wrong
Adblocking on iPhone, with iOS9
School Uniforms
CSS3 Border Image
Goodbye, Tony Abbott. Hello, Malcolm Turnbull
Force to be reckoned with
Exporting an SVG from Illustrator
Weird Insecure Google Font Response
Seijiro Niwa and Japanese Artists
The Noble Conflict
Japanese Sweets
Multiple font files for the same font
Happy Second Anniversary, Abbott Government
Syrian Conflict Migrant Crisis: updates
Problems of Introverts
Syrian Conflict Migrant Crisis
Extreme Couponing
UTS in People's Choice Award for Landscape Architecture
iView Review
Pig in the News
Do I want to go to my graduation ceremony?
All Men are Predators
Uncanny Valley
(We're Bound For) Botany Bay
[Cooking Adventures] Tomato rice, with vegetables
Google's New Logo
Singing Hedgehogs
Supply and Demand
Live in Rural Japan?
Exploring Creative Commons Music
Tetsujin 28-Go
Pagan's Doubt
GarageBand exporting large audio files
Pagan's Loyalty
Wasted Food
Links for Overnightscape Central Sunday
Fabric Lessons
Lined Fabric Pouch from Purlbee
Photoshop Multiple Layer Import
Jawbone UP2 Initial Thoughts
Links for Overnightscape Central 1950s Movies
Dick Smith Customer Service
HTML/Javascript Snippets 1
Three Pet Peeves
Links for Overnightscape Central Show of Shows
Links for August 05, 2015
Links for August 04, 2015
Git is a git
Telling Asians Apart
Eastern Western Romp
Happy 3rd Anniversary
Ichigeki Sacchu! Hoihoi-san
Precious Lifeforms
Firefox hammers on Flash's coffin
No Painless Lesson
TokyoPop Returns
As the Vampire Sparkles
JStars VS+
The Circumstances of...
[Hugo] Hiding pages from pagination
TinyPNG makes things tinier
Image Optimising all the Transparent things
Sony RX100III Test Shots
Winterfest Mediaeval Faire 2015
The Diva
[Vocaloid] Cantarella カンタレラ
[Podcast] Rubénerd Show 277
Why me? Why not?
Out of Print
[Short Recap] Sydnova
Pro-Democracy Win/Loss in Hong Kong?
[Rinne 11] Nameless Entities
Google Chrome Beta and CSS3 Animations
[Sket] Ritekyo Caborn
[Sket] GACKT
[#Review] Tomorrowland
Towards more important things...
[Pixiv] To have cake
Kimijyanakya damemitai
Happy Birthday
Archiving sites for the deceased
[Response] @Rubenerd Show 275
Hockey Stick
[Manga] ReLIFE
Digit Ratio
Blue flowers
Uncle Neji
The Joker
Anime reaction
Press X to knead with your dumb little paws.
That New Logo.. and the old ones
Hestia Dance
[Follow-up] Horizons
Vitamin C Gummies
Horizon(tal) line in the middle of nowhere
That Terminal Emoji
Student Dependent Declaration
Can't face my manga face
[Budget2015] Surplus?
[Oukaranman] by KEYTALK and other anime tunes
[Chinese] Selfies - 'Chak!'
[#Anime Cuticle] モリモリモリモリ
[ActionScript 3] Navigating XML
[ActionScript 3] Flashy Advertisements
No right timing
Nobody likes advertising
Out of touch
Hugo Errors in single.html
Hugo Taxonomies
[Instagram] People worth following
That Irish Poster Thing
Nepal Dilemma
Jekyll Date/Time in the Now
Your password is not available at this time
Cats invade stamps
Useful Links 2015-05-04
Sydney as a Global City
Spotted: Scrolling HTML and JavaScript
A horse is a horse, of course, of course
Miss, Mrs, Ms.. Mistress.
Diamond Wars
Passed by the mother
No toothpaste here
Play with Oreo
RIP Lisa Adams
The MH4U Obsession
But, glasses are cool!
Marriage and The Dress near Mardi Gras
Watson's Water
Bad Advice Dinosaur
Stop Phubbing
Leonard Nimoy LLAP
PSA: Don't buy Rubi shoes
World's Smartest Woman
Revisiting: Garfield minus Garfield
[Lectora] Importing Powerpoint into Lectora
[Game] Order Up! To Go
Black and blue
[Chinese] Idioms from English
Innovative honey flow
[Lectora] Google Drive Spreadsheet works with Lectora Forms
HabitRPG Downtime
Baldin at Supanova 2015
Taking a break
Wooden Apple
Tears in my eyes: Copenhagen
I'm a Wolf
Comics: Happy Valentines Day!
Bomb threat in Hornsby
Soylent.. not green
Get your productivity on: HabitRPG
[Manga] Hapi Mari?!
Get your voice moving
Taiwan ATR 72-600 crashes
Schadenfreude Attack
Succulent Desk Pal
The Nintendo 2DS
Hornsby, 1886
NANACA CRASH bang wallop
Kame: Sapuri and Yuuki
[Movie] The Imitation Game
Selfie and the Asian problem
Wreck-it Ralph and AKB48
[Crossover] Frozen and Madoka Magica
[Movies] Rurouni Kenshin: The Movies End
Mr Bean
Culture Shock
Happy New Year 2015!