2014 Year Archive

My First Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Christmas Cheer
Nintendo 3DS
Office puppy assists in mental wellbeing
The Doctor Blake Mysteries
Siege Aftermath
Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege
Company Christmas Party
Death at Pemberley
Ruben Sandwiches
Wiseman's Ferry and the Oncoming Storm
Goodbye, Mitsubishi Nimbus
[Japanese] Grateful Kenshin
Links of the Day 2014-12-04
Publish Lectora to Coursemill
Magical Pâtissier Kosaki-chan
Just loafing around
My Instagram Philosophy
Against your eating habits
UNIQLO Macquarie Centre (and more)
5 years of K-ON!
A Visit to the Optometrist
[Hakuouki] Live Drama 2010
Google Docs Integration with Lectora Inspire
I'm a Spanish Vocaloid
Motivation Theory
ACT 1: Trip to Canberra
Working hard or hardly working?
Melbourne Cup Day 2014
[PSP] Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Turning into a Media Circus
Someone else's problem
French Megane
Master of Interactive Multimedia, at UTS
Gough Whitlam
Erste Oktoberfest
A SIM where a SIM's not meant to go
New Installments of Nagato Yuki-chan
Fastmail and the Mail app on iOS
Goodbye, Sentosa
New Watch: Something Blue
A Fresh Green Outlook for Anime@UTS
When A Phone Goes Splash
Works fine for me
Coca-Cola Marinade
Left, Right, Right (Navigational Menus)
TokyoWink Sham
Around 30 minutes to an hour
Links for 2014-09-27
Woman in Refrigerator
Shell Shock
Gender equality is everyone's issue
The Fujifilm X100S is nice
Graduation, Today and 5 Years Past
Can't hold a candle to them
Bathroom Review: UTS Building 11
Clue to Canadian mystery
Mooncakes are a must
At the Beginning
#EqualPayDay and Superannuation
Colours of a Cantonese Wind
Ice Heart Lock 冰心鎖
I am Groot
Same Sculpt Syndrome
Workplace Myths
Gender Pay Gap
Healthy, Moderate Behaviour
The Clutch of Facebook
Custom of Giving Gifts
Humility or Reality
#Mythbusters in Sydney
The Beginning Acoustic
YANSS Podcast 029: Labels
Sleep at IKEA
Dericious Homemade Pasta
Marukame Udon - near Westfield Chatswood
Splattering rain and Cafemia, North Sydney
Thank you (from a generation, and more)
SMASH! 2014 over
Long Weekend in Noosa
Happy Anniversary, @Rubenerd
The Elusive Work Life Balance
Hong Kong and the future
The Culture sucks
Night Owls vs Morning Larks
22 on the 22nd
The Alpacamobile
Twitter in Anime
One Year
The Emotional Tap
Endless Inertia
Popping Away Candy-dly
Garlic, now with Peppermint
A Swift change of book cover
[KHR] A Boss in a Quote
Conspiracy Theories vs. Cultural Influence
Vivid Sydney 2014
[Japanese] 無料
Foreigner in a foreign land
Black Tea Soy Latte
You Are Not So Smart on Placebo Sleep
Do You Hear The People Sing on June 4
Lectora Tips: Manual Assessments
New Cuben Icon Renditions
New Theme: Cloudy Skies Have Come
Gummi Colour Wheel
Tubby Toast
Conversations between Master students
Introducing... Manga
Guitars and Harmonising Voices
Scholastic Book Club
Successful stalking
March in May against the budget
Travel Advice from Hong Kong to 'Nam
Eurovision 2014
Perl Fundamentals
Emotional Turmoil
Religious Education
Singaporean Publisher, ChuangYi
What motivates you
[Art] For @Sebasu_tan and @Rubenerd
Obata Takeshi and Ayatsuri Sakon
One of those annoying overlays in jQuery
Being C.
Watermelon Raisin Bread
Extremely Public Protests
Sydney FCBD and UNIQLO Pop-Up Store
Tasty Animu Food
Waking up with the flu season knocking
Left-align problem in Lectora Inspire
Cardcaptor Sakura Opening Sextet
Nuclear Launch Floppies
Café Cat
#SailorMoonCrystal Cast and Characters
Microsoft Internet Explorer's Zero-Day Bug
The Rainmaking Dance
Music Monday - Someone's Cantonese Childhood
Cantonese IQ博士 Opening
Heidi, Girl of the Alps
Learning is no contest
SCORM Followup
Do customers a service
A Blogging Game
You grew up around Hornsby if you remember...
Milk Coftea
Ending Easter
SCORM Compliance
[Japanese] 勉強
[Japanese] 賛成
Eternal Xiao Yan Zi
Happy Easter
The impact of naming
Retina display emulation with Firefox
Phone companies sharing the market
Fun facts: Macau
Lectora has encountered a problem
American and Japanese styles
A nice pair of shoes
A Hairy Issue
Flowers at Mary Ann Street Park
ANBU Version Hatake Kakashi Figure
Love Assassin
Amazeballs Chicken and Corn Soup
Nothing To My Name by G.E.M
Show file extensions on Windows 7
Awareness of assumptions
LEGO Senketsu
An Inconvenient Opal Card
Spending vs Moni
Them migraine things
Thinkamisms on writing
The mispronouncing of my name
The thing about travel
Petals Around the Rose
The Life Experience Cake
Life Experience or Material Possession
Improved underground reception for Sydney
Legend of the White Snake
Spending tracker for those on-the-go
See you again in the new year!
April Fools Day
Becoming an Adult
When I was published on ABC News Online
Birthday Tea for @Rubenerd
Earth Hour
Another perspective on anime figure scenes
RegEx with Grep
The Email Dream
Happy Birthday, @Rubenerd
@ThreemaApp Mobile Messaging
March 27 was the date
Rolling Boy
Single-decks for Sydney
Response: TextExpander Issues
Farewell and #KyaryPamyuPamyu Sydney
Goodbye, Animania
Response: Electronic In/exclusivism
Not-so-sterile Singapore
Simple Bash Calculator Script
Escaping Escape Characters
3D Animated Peanuts (not edible)
Oshino Shinobu Nendroid
Geeky Jewellery: Circuit Boards
Music Monday: feat. Hatsune Miku
If only I could find my passport
Australian Horror Story: Public Transport
Certain benefits of SquirrelMail
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal
Piping and Redirection in Unix
OpenOffice Problematic Pop-Up on Mac
Happy Birthday, @SkysWhisper
Early Adopter or Laggard?
BEACH QUEENS feat. Ryuuko Matoi
First you are a cosplay beginner
Real Snail Mail
March 11, 2011: three years on
Removing Malware: Part 2
83 Cantonese Proverbs
Plated jewellery as an alternative
Pursuit of Contentment
Figuarts ZERO Sailor Mercury
The Kiwiberry
Bash Scripting Adventures at UTS
Continuing and Discontinuing Tradition
Autonomous Machines and Their Art
V is for Venus
Proper Credit
Weird, wonderful Japan
[Past Art] Lavina for Miku
Nagato Yuki no Coffee
Happy Birthday, @dekopatchi
Filial Piety and Chinese Culture
Windows to Chuunibyou
Bleach, Nip, Tuck: The White Beauty Myth
Kick the PUP: Conduit Search
Relationships as Science
Running Man in Sydney
Ancient Stars
From Lattes to Long Blacks
Older Concepts of Beauty
Liberation, Patriarchy, sexism
My First Anime
The restricted espresso
Overthinking Dating
Anime@UTS Orientation Welcome Picnic
Quiet by nature
Goodbye First Years' Lounge
On coming out of the closet
Update to Running Man in Australia
Women in STEM
A pair of mangoes
The thing I like most about your fridge
UTS Orientation Day
Snow Day or S'No Snow Day
Impossibly thin because you're Asian
New Release: Nagato Yuki-Chan 5 of 6
Firefox Directory Tiles, aka Ads in your tab
Expensive, Nerdy Rings
Sochi Winter Olympics Figure Skating
A Wedgwood Legacy
Your Anime Waifu
[Art] Valentines 2014
Happy Valentines Day
The first question was worth one dollar
Growing up trading trash
Did I hear noise pollution?
Mothers who gave up promising careers
From the bandwagon: Flappy Bird, Threes
Like a Shopping Trolley Out of Control
A Journey in Macintoshes
Rails to the past (again)
The Little Engine That Could
I'm done with staying
Media into the aether
Monochrome NSWGR 3642
divs working side by side
Train Works Train Museum at Thirlmere
Modern definition of experience
Gaelic is not dead
Running Man to Australia
Time and Space and Animals
To the Hobbit (Two)
Alternate Chinese Valentines Day
Boarding a freight train
'Tis but a flesh wound: Minor burns
Haruhi's Headband from a few stitches
Madoka Magica and Vadim Magica
Longwinded short-of-breath remedies
N-not like I want to talk to you or anything
Happy Lunar New Year
Niceties and Nasties
All in the name of Twitter (names)
First rule of the net: Never read comments
Never has Free!dom been better
A Clashing of Philosophies
The Achacha
Saber Alter, the New Kid on the block
It's a long uphill battle, always
#PostADay2014, or several in fact
Am I a Nikon user, or a Canon?
We'd be a funny 10
Happy Australia Day
The power of (y)our words
Chinese New Year Celebrations Start
Perfectionism is limiting
A Dream of Magic
踊ってみた, tried to dance
The Kuudere Chinese
Simpsons Ghibli
Keep your love to yourself
When Nyan was rendered as humanoid
[Art] Chinese New Year Mascots
A Cold Case of Pathetic Fallacy
The Terminal welcomes you back
The Asian Notion of Love
Silly things to do at a NSW train station
Discharging at the same rate
Rights to Badge
Life of Brian at the Moonlight Cinema
Lexical Distances between European Languages
The Southern Coast Roadtrip
A New Podcast Record
Three Tips for Roadtrips
Why sukumizus are superior
Anime in Marketing
The Translator's Dilemma
Not KyoAni's first swimming anime
Dropbox Downtime and Aaron Swartz
Farewell sheetglass.org
Past and Present Obsessions
The iPad as a Supporting Device
The Naked Now
Jelly of the West
[#Music] Things We Lost
Australian Museum Rocks
[#Anime] Cuticle Tantei Inaba and Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san
The blog of Dr. John. H. Watson
Developers will forever intimidate me
Privileged and Entitled
They brought Sherlock back
My Precious (Stones)
Running Man Cuisine
Elvish Circlet Intricacies
Goodbye n7000, I hardly knew you
Bronze over silver
Bi-metallic Composition
Google Maps Adventures
The Apple Magic Trackpad
Flickr over 2000 Milestone
Grapevine Quotable Quotes
We played with Lego today
First Game of the Year
Borrowing the Wordle Tradition
Happy New Year 2014
Helan Går