2013.09.29 Wahroonga Photowalk with Ruben

RubenFlowersVinesPetalHoney Bee

Now and then it's fun to go out and take pictures of everything and anything. Yesterday, after a nice trip to Danes Gourmet Coffee on the Wahroonga Shopping Strip which we hadn't been back to in several months, we crossed back over the bridge above Wahroonga Station to explore Wahroonga Park. I'm still very much a lover of macro-like shots, but I don't have a macro lens with which to take them! Some day you'll be able to see my photos to microscopic detail without getting your eyes blurred out of your sockets~

I have some fond memories of Wahroonga Park, I'll admit. Dancing in the sun there with friends — Liria, Rachael/Gen, Jennifer... I don't remember if it was these friends exactly, but it was definitely to the tune of Slinkee Minx's Summer Rain. Sure, it was an assessment, but dancing! I belie my ballet and folk dancing background.

Afterwards we treated ourselves to a spicy lunch and proceeded to start falling asleep on the couch. Ahh...

Ruben has also posted his photos! You can also see more photos on my Flickr. :)